How do restaurants use systems? And how many systems are to many?

Author: Carmen Mallo (Revenue Management specialist and Founder of REMS Hospitality)

The restaurant industry has seen an upcoming explosion of technological propositions. From a tech perspective, entrepreneurs who have found an opportunity to support the industry compete to enter as many restaurants as possible. And this makes it more complicated for venues to choose and for companies to stand up and convince restaurants their product is a game changer.

Soon we will start a series of conversations in which we will talk about new companies and what they can do to help the industry (I am convincing my friends to do this with me).

With a great deal of turmoil due to tighter margins, never-ending strikes and more, we should be more on top of the technology we use, so we achieve better results.

It's not uncommon to hear things like the following:

"We are good at getting the latest systems, piling them up and filling them with dust."

And this is the reality for many businesses, not only restaurants. They buy systems they don't utilise fully. 

We need to get on top of our systems and be able to use the full scope of functionalities if we want to continue running successful businesses.

For example, if you have a Table Management system with an inbuilt CRM, does your restaurant need to pay for a separate CRM? Perhaps no.

There are many examples we could get from restaurants where they need to know what more they could do with their tools before jumping into new solutions just because there is FOMO.

Are many systems too many? Not necessarily, if they help you achieve what you want and if you know why you need them. 

Now, let us tell you why you should give REMS a try:

  • We offer a unique tool not available anywhere else in the marketplace.
  • We are building integrations with TMS and POS, so we gather all the data for you.
  • Market share reports complement your sales reports, so you will know how you perform compared to other businesses. Market share reports are used widely in most industries.
  • More revenue management tools are now on the way to enter restaurants, including dynamic pricing, which needs to be evaluated at a market level, not individually.
  • Competition is stronger, and we would like to save you time from doing a competitive analysis.
  • We have a database of restaurants submitting data that is growing every week.

The more restaurants join, the more beneficial REMS will become for you.

Even if it was only out of curiosity, wouldn't you like to know how you are doing vs your competition from a reliable source?


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