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REMS is a secure web app built with the latest approaches to security and protection.

Security Architecture

  • Full-disk encrypted VM storage. This guarantees that there are no access to data from the Data Centre side when storage is accessed without encryption keys
  • The VM is protected with firewalls
    • One software firewall on the VM itself 
    • One hardware firewall in the Data Centre’s infrastructure
  • Offsite logging and monitoring tools are in place to detect suspicious and malicious activity
  • SSL encryption is use to protect user entry when using the application
  • Forced secure connections to eliminate plain data interception or MitM type of attacks.


Security Processes

  • Restricted access to the management interfaces
    • Key file access instead of passwords, 
    • Access allowed only to restricted IP addresses
  • Regular scheduled updates of the software stack
    • Security patches are rolled out as a priority
  • Regular scheduled offsite backups, for data integrity
  • User password policies in place to protect against user level breaches
    • Forced Two-Factor-Authentication required to login
    • Forced password change schedule
      • Login is blocked for accounts with expired passwords

Our partner Wisetiger

REMS has partnered with Wisetiger to ensure the latest approaches to security and protection are used in our app

Founded in 2005, Wisetiger is a digital agency which provides businesses and organisations with the strategy and digital marketing tools to help them engage, convert and retain customers. 

Wisetiger is a team of dedicated and experienced specialists, with a passion and an energy for what they do. Our customers benefit from the combined resources of a team of experienced marketers, highly skilled web developers and programmers, talented creative designers and diligent project managers.

Based in Farnborough, Hampshire we work with clients across the UK and overseas including Russia, Australia and Europe.