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From small independent restaurants to top Michelin stars, access the most innovative and friendly benchmark tool for restaurants and gain a competitive advantage in seconds.


At REMS, we go beyond traditional sales or review ratings to benchmark hundreds of data points and provide actionable data from the moment you sign up.


All menus in one digital library


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Benchmark your restaurant offering against your competitor set.

  • Smart competitive selection based on food type, price, location, hours and capacities.
  • Prices start at 5 pounds per month per venue.
  • Access to REMS Menu Finder; your one-stop shop for all your compset offerings.
  • Join our webinars on demand.
  • Unlimited users/no contract.


First benchmarking tool


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Benchmark your results against your direct competition.

  • Pick your direct competition from our broad database.
  • Prices start at 49 pounds per month per venue.
  • Access revenue KPIs: occupancy, daily turn and revenue per seat per hour.
  • Discover your optimal results based on market demand.
  • Access weekly market share reports sent to your inbox.
  • Learn about covers and sales figures from your competitors.
  • Receive automatic revenue recommendations based on your results.
  • Direct integration to Open Table and Sevenrooms.
  • Join our webinars on demand.
  • Unlimited users/no contract.



Optimise reservations


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Maximise your reservations to the next level.


  • We run a comprehensive audit of your reservation system usage.
  • Determine your ideal party size and channel mix.
  • Provide recommendations for the most profitable floor plan.
  • Develop an overbooking strategy.
  • Create customised floor plans as needed.
  • Adjust your reservation pacing and all shift settings.
  • Provide advanced reports to stay on top of your restaurant performance.

*Click here to learn about the benefits of using your reservation system properly.


You can learn from all the restaurants available in our database.

Benefit from the accuracy of our data models and AI predictions.

Take part in the most exciting data journey created for the hospitality industry in recent years.

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At REMS, we are on a mission to build the most exciting project for the hospitality industry, and we value your support as a key part of our community.

Your insights and experiences matter to us, and we believe your network can benefit from our solutions as much as you have. That's why we're reaching out to ask for your help.

If you have friends in the hotel and restaurant industry who could benefit from our innovative project, we would be thrilled if you could refer them to us. Our existing REMS users have not only discovered the safety and security of their data but have also found immense value in benchmarking against their competitors.

We are excited to offer you a special incentive as a token of our appreciation for your support. When you refer a friend from the hospitality sector, and they sign up and pay for our services, you will receive a complimentary audit for two venues of your choice from our revenue team. This audit will uncover valuable opportunities to enhance your revenue streams.

Your collaboration means the world to us, and we look forward to welcoming your friends into the REMS community. Together, let's continue shaping the future of hospitality!

Thank you for being a valued part of our journey.


I agree to allow REMS to contact the details I have provided, and I understand that participation in this referral program is contingent upon the referred contact signing up with REMS.