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Rems Hospitality Blog

Hi there, this is REMS Hospitality talking to you. 

  •    Technology and revenue.  Would your restaurant cut off fancy technology? Would your restaurant hire a revenue manager?
  •    Understanding Market Share. For those new to the concept of benchmarking in restaurants, this article is for you.
  •    The market you target. The first step to grow more is to identify who is growing more than you and targeting the same market.
  •    Times have changed in restaurants. Nothing seems to be the same anymore. 
  •    The reasons we started REMS. REMS hospitality is a data-driven company, created with passion and obsession to make restaurants perform better. 
  •    And more. 


REMS Hospitality youtube channel

Welcome to our channel! We would like to teach you all we know about Market Share with interactive and cheerful videos and how you can use it to help your restaurant be ahead of the market and generate more revenue. Exciting!! 

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